Group Fitness Classes

What should you bring? All you need is a good pair of sneakers for foot stability, comfortable workout clothing, a towel (available at front desk) and water bottle. Your own mat is optional, but recommended. Mats are available in the Group Exercise Room.

How fit do you need to be? Most programs are geared to any level of fitness, with you controlling the intensity of your own workout. From beginners to athletes, group classes are one of the best ways to get fit stay fit or get fitter . . . FAST!

Free to Members! Classes included with membership!



Class Descriptions

Cardio Fusion - Interval format that combines cardiovascular training with strength training, while performing high & low cardio movements that transition from floor to the step.
Chair Class - 60 minute class, utilizing chairs for cardio routines that sculpt & improve balance. [Multi-Purpose Room]
Chair Yoga - A gentle form of yoga that can be done sitting on a chair or standing on the ground while using the chair for support. Chair Yoga is beneficial if you have limited mobility or after recovering from surgery to continue the progress you've made in physical therapy.  [Multi-Purpose Room]
Core - A steady paced low impact stability ball workout that challenges your heartrate while strengthening your legs and core.
Core Fusion - Includes both core conditioning and aerobic paced movements. Stability and bender balls are used to enhance effectiveness of the class.
Cycle-X – Circuit workout that combines heart-pumping cardio drills, explosive plyometrics & weight training. [SPIN Room]

FIT – A fun and vibrant class taught to the beat of high-energy music designed to provide balance in strength and mobility. Fit class begins with an active, full body warm up designed to engage the core and prepare all major muscle groups. It utilizes resistance training and body weight and cardio exercises to accelerate the change in the body, build strength, and increase core stability. The class finishes with gentle stretching and a light cool down. 

Full Body Fit - Moderate intensity, a mixture of circuit training/interval work with full body movements and cardio bursts. Torch fat & build lean muscle. [1 hour class]
Hatha Yoga - Beginners yoga class that includes majority of varied yoga styles. Practice of Asana [yoga postures] & pranayama [breathing exercises] which help bring peace to the mind & body.
HIIT – [High Intensity Interval Training] Timed intervals of high intensity exercises followed by short rest periods. Guaranteed to scorch fat, sculpt entire body and improve overall strength & conditioning. Increase metabolism & improve caloric burn throughout the day. [30 minute class.]
Hi-Lo Aerobics – Combines traditional, low-impact floor aerobics movements with higher impact strength-training. It's a comprehensive fitness routine that supports heart health and weight loss!
Line Dance – Choreographed dances with a repeated sequence of steps in which the group dances to pop and country music in one or more lines or rows.
LITE – [Low Impact Training Exertion] Cardiovascular movements that ensure the greatest results in a short amount of time. Includes functional core drills. [45 minute class].
Move.Laugh.Connect - Extend functional years with this exercise program that is designed to reconnect people with improvements to their daily function & well-being. Appropriate & helpful for everyone [especially older adults] with movement disorders or challenging health conditions. Includes physical, social & emotional dimensions that are recognized as critical to total well-being.
Pound Fun – Drumming inspired full body workout designed to tone your arms and strengthen your core through cardio intensive movements and Pilates utilizing drumsticks for light resistance. 
Power Yoga – Power Yoga moves quickly and is an intense workout that will make you sweat, moving with a fast rhythm, with very few moments of 'posing'. It's wonderful for strength training as you lift and hold your entire body's weight constantly, getting your entire body into gear and making you feel energized: There's a reason that so many people leave Power Yoga saying that they're feeling amazing!
Pump & Crunch – Fun & upbeat barbell workout designed to strengthen & tone all major muscle groups.
SPIN - Zero impact, fat torching cycling & cardio workout designed to burn calories while increasing lower body & respiratory strength / conditioning. [Spin Room]
Tap Dance - Choreographed lively, rhythmic sounds & movement. Bring your tap shoes and all your moves!
Tai Chi - Graceful form of exercise that is used for stress reduction, lowering blood pressure, improving balance & postural awareness that will in turn reduce risks for falls in older adults. [Multi – Purpose Room]
TBS - Total Body Sculpt consists of cardio-focused, multi-muscle exercises that focus on high repetitions to increase tone and muscular endurance.
Zumba® - Get ready to party! High-energy Latin dance moves that feature motivating music with lots of variety. Intensity builds slowly & finishes with a medley of cardio bursts. Full body workout that will have you showing off all your moves.

Water Aerobics Classes

Aqua Flow - Low intensity workout utilizing natural resistance of the water to elongate all major muscle groups in an effort to improve body awareness, posture, flexibility, balance & core stabilization. Great for arthritis and neuropathy! [Therapy Pool]
Aqua Walking - Low-impact water aerobics exercise that offers a light introduction to water aerobics. Walking the length of the lap pool with different arm movements. [Lap pool]
Cross Currents - Alternating short aerobic segments with short toning segments to maximize both aerobic & anaerobic conditioning that increase cardio endurance through timed intervals. [Lap pool]
Feel Good Aquatics - Low to moderate intensity workout using the resistance of the water with stretching, balance, and core exercises to improve endurance and strengthen the body. Great for arthritis and flexibility. [Lap pool]
Fun & Fit - Aerobic cardio intensive water workout using pool noodles. Routine includes a mix of movements in the water including: jump rope, jumping jacks, power jogging, rocking horse, bicycling, and crunches followed by spine stretches. Fun and interactive class. [Lap pool]
Making Waves - Water aerobics class combining a balance of heart pumping cardio, full body workout to build muscles and endurance, range of motion, finishing with stretches and relaxation exercises. Work to the best of YOUR ability - making waves, making friends, and making ourselves healthier one day at a time. [Lap pool]
Moderately Deep - Modified deep water aerobics. Low impact water aerobics incorporating cardio, core, range and motion strengthening exercises without touching the pool floor (flotation devices are required and available). You will soon make great friends who encourage each other. Swimming skills aren't required, but participants MUST be comfortable in moderately deep water. [Lap pool]

Class Descriptions

We pride ourselves on providing fun, life-changing fitness experiences in every one of our group fitness classes. Louisiana Athletic Club is the exclusive provider of Les Mills Group Fitness programs in Cenla. Our Les Mills programs originate in Auckland, New Zealand, are attended by more than 6 million people a week in over 80 countries worldwide, and their popularity continues to grow. Visit for more information and to watch videos of ‘learn the moves’ for each program. 


A rapid fat-burning class that uses barbells to give you the fastest way to tone and condition muscles! After an exhaustive study, BODYPUMP® was verified by The University of Auckland as providing the fastest body fat loss of any fitness class. Now ranked the #1 group fitness program in the world.  


Take the ultimate ride! RPM incorporates cycling, choreography and motivational coaching techniques to give you a completely safe, aerobic, adrenaline ride. Get in the zone and find out why RPM is totally addictive. Ride like you stole it! 

HIIT [High Intensity Interval Training]

Timed intervals of high intensity exercises followed by short rest periods. Guaranteed to scorch fat, sculpt entire body and improve overall strength & conditioning. Increase metabolism & improve caloric burn throughout the day. [30 minute class.]


Low-impact flexibility exercises and endurance movements that build muscular strength and emphasize proper alignment, core strength, and muscle balance.