Dylon Draper

Dylon is a personal trainer specializing in sports fitness, interval training for rapid weight loss, quick muscle growth, and nutritional excellence for boosted results. Dylon is certified in personal training, strength and conditioning, youth fitness, exercise therapy, senior fitness, TRX, and fitness nutrition. Being someone that was only 115 pounds and 6 foot tall in high school, he knows what it’s like to be an outcast in the gym, lost, and looking to improve. Dylon has a natural affinity for helping people so anyone looking to improve in the gym he is very eager to help. He believes that the mind is the most important factor in personal progress in fitness, and a positive outlook on yourself with help you achieve the results you want quicker. Dylon also is a firm believer that the gym is a direct correlation to the challenges in life and becoming a better you in the gym will also make you better prepared for all life’s many obstacles. He plans on competing in a Louisiana physique competition this year as well. Dylon’s natural love to help people, love for the gym, and his persistency to learn is what he uses to help you reach your goals, help you love working out, and help you to become a healthier you for long term purposes. 

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