Debbie Edwards | Louisiana Athletic Club

Debbie Edwards


Primary Focus: Senior Fitness | Post-PT | Post-Cardiac Therapy

I went into health and fitness with the desire to work with the active aging population.  I was interested in this age group in high school and did research along with presentations on the subject.  The population of this age group is increasing and they are becoming more active.  It is important to me to keep them educated on the importance of maintaining balance and strength and to implement this in everyday movement patterns.  We practice this in our workout sessions and they share stories with me on how this has improved their lives.  It has been a pleasure watching them become and stay strong and become more balanced as they continue to stay active.  

I am rewarded again in working with people of all ages getting them ready for an upcoming joint replacement surgery and helping them continue their post-physical therapy/recovery exercises.  Many of them stay with me long after they have been released from physical therapy.  They continue to work hard and become stronger and more balanced than they were before surgery. 

National Association of Sports Medicine - CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)

  • CES-Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • PES-Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • SFS-Senior Fitness Specialist
  • WFS-Women’s Fitness Specialist


Cooper Institute – Biomechanics of Resistance Training Certified

TRX-Group Fitness Instructor Certified

Group Fitness Instructor since 1984